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...if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.                           1 John 1:7


 October 22-23, 2007

A. Adoption of Mission Statement

B. Contributions: Steering Committee, $1,000; Others: $500

C. Next meeting: November 6-7, 2008, with Symposium. Ideas: Use of Technology, Missions, Bible Colleges, Historians, Development of Churches

D. Website
     1. Representing ____ million people
     2. Mission Statement
     3. Steering Committee & Participants
     4. History
     5. Doctrine
     6. About Us: Minutes/Reports of the Summits
     7. Logo: Bro. Martin
     8. Schools
     9. Pictures: Bro. Spellman
     10. Resources:
           Musical Groups
           Media Archives
 Counselors
 Architects
 Builders
 Marketing
 Publishing
 Interior Design
 Website Design
 Doctors
 Lawyers
 Musical Resources
 Teaching Resources
 Textbooks Participation
 The Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus
 The Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ
 The Bible Way Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide
 The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith
 The International Apostolic Fellowship (new member)
 The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
 The United Pentecostal Church International

October 2008