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...if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.                           1 John 1:7

Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ
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Apostolic Fellowship Summit Minutes
2011 October 27th–Thursday

In attendance:
Rev. Robert Martin–(Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ)
General Superintendent

Rev. Mark McCool–(Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ)
First Assistant Bishop Matthew Norwood-(Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Apostolic Faith, Inc.)
Presiding Bishop Rev. David K Bernard–(United Pentecostal Church Int)

General Superintendent
Rev. Jerry Jones–(United Pentecostal Church Int)

General Secretary
Bishop Jesse Battle–representative (International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ Inc.)
Bishop Jonathan Franklin–representative (Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith)

Rev. Bruce Leaman–AFS Coordinator
Rev. David Norris–AFS Consultant
Jennie Russell–AFS Administrator

Unable to attend (schedule conflicts):

Presiding Bishop Charles Ellis–Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
President Samuel Valverde-Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus
Presiding Bishop Cornelius Showell–(International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ Inc.) 

Sent representative
Presiding Bishop J.E. Moore-(Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith) sent representativeI. (Meet and Greet 

2.) Prayer: 

Prayer requests                                                                                                                                                                

New UPCI college
Bonner College
Bishop Haney–tumor
Bishop Bonner–90 yrs old 

3.) Bro. Bernard
Introduced and discussed

New Apostolic college that would become a part of Urshan Graduate School next fall:

 Open to a name for school–ideas welcome
 Religious names could be advantageous or negative depending on circumstances
 What works inside our ranks and outside our ranks
 It has been approved 2 wk ago and at this time in infancy stages
 Will pursue accreditation

4.) Bro. Drury presentation-Stewardship Group

 Would you be willing to come make presentation at our organizations? Yes
 Is this consulting for free-Yes
 Could this be a 2 day seminar and bring in our financial people to make seminar? Yes AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015, 14
 Will bring in financial expertise and resources to a special meeting–leaders suggested (Mid March –April) 1 evening and next day and break it down in segments
 Bro. Drury to put together for profile of what individuals should be at these meetings
 Advise how to do your own
 Partnership with those who are not ready to set up their own
 Maybe structure a parallel or 2nd loan fund–Bro. Bernard
 Possibility bring in affiliates to be able to have access–Bishop Battle suggestion 

5.) Robin Johnston–presentation

 Presented historical presentation of baptism in Jesus name                                                                                        100 yr anniversary of baptism discussion–possible celebration at 2013 General Conf of UPCI Possible each organization at their annual conferences UPCI doing ad campaign all year. Create a logo 

Bishop Norwood-suggested possible giant parade
Bishop Battle–suggestedpossible National media blitz leading up to summer (possible preaching snip–its, etc...) Brother McCool–suggested literature and theme in local assemblies
 Bro Johnston–1st Sunday in Nov–Pentecostal Heritage Day
 If UPCI is using press kit it can be made available to other organizations
 Brother Bernard–discussed logistics on possible coming together for UPCI conference or doing something at their own Conferences
 Brother Martin–recommended running articles in various organizations magazines                                           At the UPCI General Conf Oct 1-5, 2013 Brainstorming on joining celebrations by each organization. 

Possible block party or outreach in downtown St.Louis
Possibly at the beginning or ending of our conference
 Bishop Battle-last Pentecost Sunday their group invited oneness groups to come t ogetherfrom St. Louis (1000 people in attendance)
 Suggestion of using Bishop Johnson’s church for an event
 Brother Johnston–Suggested possible regional celebrations

Possible sites for celebrations: Indianapolis–Bishop Gates (check with him)

St. Louis–Bishop Johnson (New Life, Sanctuary, Battle)

Los Angeles–UPCI district Atlanta-Bishop Norwood (Johns, Terry, Norwood’s Nephew)Baltimore
–Bishop Showell Detroit–Bro. Leaman Houston
–Gurley, Fauss

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015

15 Local church hosting
Local area to pick dates

If each group could report back at next meeting on event details.

AFS committee in agreement on this
Contact missing leaders if they are on board and see if we can contact local church

 Brother Jones–talked about past--PAW and UPCI–took bus tours (St. Louis, Houston, LA, ) to key sights
 We want our fellowship to know we want to fellowship together ...not just at this table.
 Clayton Carr–pastor in El Paso (PAW) The FBI targeted them as Pacifist in WWI
 There will be a Media Kit, logo, Word Aflame curriculum and literature done by UPCI
 Reminder there is an archive for most organizations–if you have archival material you want to share or if you want materials we have available.

6.) An introduction of V. Synan speaking in Friday AM session and Fri PM. He is friendly to Oneness movement though he is Trinitarian.

7.) Discussion on retaining youth and ministry

 Bishop Norwood–feels there is a “goodly number of young people” but need stableleadership for
them–We need to be visionary.
 Discussion of lower numbers of licensed younger individuals in each organization
 ALJC–Discussed their program “Let’s Talk”–couple of days for talking and alsoseminar. Format is not church service per say...facilitators among progressive and seasoned ministers...panel discussion–no holds bar...also assigned topics....invites all preaching under a certain age (does not have to be licensed) They are showing an increase in young ministers Lot of young missionaries General board had 50 % turn over...
 UPCI–invited about 100 young ministers nominated by their District boards. May let them sit in on general board session Discussion of need to allow them to have a platform and voice–encouragingDistricts
to use younger men Many key men were in their 20s and 30s that made history
 Brother McCool discussed there was also martyrs of this age, however, there is a need to also be careful about visions where young leaders want to go.
AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015-16
 Brother Molenpah (UPCI)created teststo give freshman bible college students. They passed with22.2%.
Could it be that teaching is not being enstilled as they grow?

8.) Dismissal for day Friday, October 28, 2011

1.) Welcome
2.) Giving of gifts
3.) Finances

 Bro. Leaman reports that we are in the black in our financial records

4.) Oct 18-19, 2012–next year’s AFS dates

 Symposium will be moving to spring
 Discussion of including other department directors, Bible School presidentsetc... All
leaders were in favor of Bible school presidents, Global and North American directors.
 Discussion of bringing in other groups of different sizes-Want to research this before making final decision

5.) Discussion of Bible schools

 They do not all have the same mandates. Need to be careful about bringing together and diluting
 We would not be sanctioning schools by inviting them but helping to encourage and step up
 It could be a good way to promote academic integrity
 Bishop Franklin expresses he would like to their school would like to come and visit

6.)Evangelistic Presentations by Rev. Kenneth Stewart’s group (please refer to materials given to you): Recruit–Angela Harwood Coach–Carlos Hughes Personal Trainer–Rene Rubio Paton–Andrew Leaman

 How to get more young people in ministry in our groups. One day the paton needs to be passed.
 Looking forward to next generation... How do we need to pass along the paton?
 If our young people are not addressing sexting, internet ponography, ....he is preaching to us not his peers.
 There may be a 13 year old in your church who knows how to reach this world. Trust them not to change the doctrine
 We have to give them values and tools...We have to find a way to release the patron without changing the paton 

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 201517

 Discussion of Daughter work programs–individuals are put into different phases ofwork. Come on full time or 5 yrs and expected a daughter work. Then go to Home Missions status and off staff.
 Things to discuss with your young people: Confident in your calling I Tim 14 Gift– Support of our leaders
Paton is our salvation message...separate from this world....holiness message...Share ppersonal testimony of struggle and direction to them Walking with God is a two way relationship Bro. McCool shared it is also important to remember that you can’t be too quick and be over the foul line.
Bishop Battle addressed-succession’s a problem at the local level

7.) Dismissal to Global/North American Missions Luncheon.

October 2012