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...if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.                           1 John 1:7

One God, One People, One Mission

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith
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The Apostolic Fellowship

Apostolic Fellowship Summit
October 18-19, 2012

Meeting Notes
Following organizations represented by the leaders listed:

Bishop Ismael Martin del Campo,  Secretary of Education–representative (Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus)
Rev. Robert Martin, General Superintendent–(Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ)
Bishop Matthew Norwood, Presiding Bishop-(Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Apostolic Faith, Inc.)

Bishop Jerry L. Jones, Sr., General Secretary–representative (Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith)
Rev. David K Bernard, General Superintendent–(United Pentecostal Church Int.)
Apostle Floyd Nelson, First Vice Presiding Bishop–representative (International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ Inc.)

Also in attendance:
Rev. Mark McCool, First Assistant–(Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ)
Rev. Jerry Jones, General Secretary–(United Pentecostal Church Int.)
Bishop Jonathan Franklin–representative (Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith)
Rev. Bruce Leaman–AFS Coordinator
Jennie Russell–AFS Administrator

Unable to attend
and no representative sent:

Presiding Bishop Charles Ellis, Presiding Bishop–Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

1. Welcome-Rev. Bruce Leaman

a. Review of 2 day agenda
b. Appeal for speakers from various organizations represented
c. Discussion of format change–AFS meetings no longer in conjunction with UGST Symposium

2. Prayer–led by Bishop Matthew Norwood

3. Sharing time: Bro. McCool discussed a study by Pew Forum that; Protestants are in steep decline.
1 in 5 now claim to be “Athesist” or “Nones” (no labels). He reminded everyone this is another field to harvest in. He thanked the group for their efforts to be here.

Bro. Jones (UPCI)–Sunday there will be more people in church than at a whole season of team

4. Future AFS dates set–Next year: Oct 24-25, 2013 Oct 23-24, 2014                                                                     AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015-19

5. Tupelo Children’s Mansion (TCM) presentation–Rev. Stephen Judd

 Rev. Judd reported on Children’s Home in Tupelo, MS who minister to orphans and
children who are unable to live in their own homes due to parents unable to care for them,
neglect or abuse.
 A second component of TCM is Haven Hope–locked down program which houses troubled girls over 14–
 TCM is working toward a program for troubled pre-teen boys.
 Support from various outside sources other than Apostolic resources: Governor of MS, Chic Filet management, Roger Whitaker, Steve Holland (House Rep, MS), business people, government officials, community outreach and individual sponsors.
 There are secular groups who are fighting groups like TCM. Attorneys who are organized for their own agendas. One such group is “Children’s Rights”
 TCM is not licensed with the state of MS but could be without any trouble. They choose not to hold licensure because of the many restrictions that state laws require. In MS they do not have to be licensed.
 Not just an UPCI endorsed group.
 On Twitter and Facebook
 It was brought up that none of the other organizations at this time have children’s homes and TCM offered to be of service to all Apostolic organizations represented. TCM
has broadened their board of directors and added 8 other members who are not UPCI district member.
 Approved to send AFS Leaders contact information to TCM
 TCM also has a quality Christian School who service TCM and the community at large

Questions from attendees:

1. How do they differ than foster care? They are an alternative to foster care.
2. Are there plans to develop satellite campus? Not at that this time. It is not feasible at this time.
3. What kind of support system do you have for children who turn 18? There is “Step program” for transition into adulthood.
4. How many kids are currently at the Mansion? 32 now–It fluctuates between 30-50
5. What are ways to give:

Memorials Individual sponsors Corp contributions
Rev. Stephen Judd
PO Box 167
Tupelo, MS 38802
Cell: 662-213-0360
Office: 662-791-7705
Email: stephenjudd@MansionKids.org
AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015-20
www.Mansionkids.org (website)

6. FINANCE/STE WARDSHIP–Rev. Stephan Drury

 Please see Presentation packet for details of various programs
 Next year there are plan for a new track that will meet with Bro. Drury concerning finances/stewardship. AFS leaders were encouraged to give the contact person whorepresents their Financial Department to Jennie Russell who will pass them along.

7. Compassion Services International (CSI)–Rev. Scotty Slaydon

 Short video shown of efforts of CSI in Haiti
 CSI works toward helping those in need with food, water, clothes, medical care, rebuiliding homes and building clinics.
 CSI also works with orphanages
 They have their own 501.C3 non-profit status and stand alone and independent from UPCI
 They allow non-Apostolic workers to come along and assist in relief efforts
 CSI is a registered NGO in 7 different countries
 When you take care of the needs of individuals it brings an open response for the gospel
 Tansania–amedical trip planned for next year
 Liberia–current medical trip already planned (May 6-13, 2013)–approx. $3000
 CSI would like to begin working domestically now. They have been more involved in the past in international needs.
 Bishop J. Jones discussed PCAF efforts in Haiti and Liberia
 It was brought to the floor that this project is one of the easiest ways to work together as a group of organizations
 Apostle Nelson (International Bible Way) would like to go on future CSI projects
 Bro. McCool offered to give contact info for a doctor for future CSI efforts
 Discussion of how CSI can be used by the AFS organizations and they would beaccountable to report to
each organization individually who use them Compassion Services presentation 

Rev. Scotty Slaydon                                                                                                                                                                 3333-I Rue Royale
St. Charles, MO 63301
www.compassionservices.com (website)
Office: 636-724-0328
Email: director@compassionservices.org

8. Celebrate the Name Presentation (CTN14)–Rev. Mark Morgan (see presentation packet for review of information) AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015-21
 Bro. Morgan discussed the upcoming program “Celebrate the Name” presented to the UPCI in October at their General Conference.
 Bishop Jones thought Pentecost Sunday might be a good weekend to target. He discussed how they yoke together with PAW in IL. It has been done 3 times and is a great event.  It has maxed out at approximately 4000 people and is held in Chicago
 Apostle Nelson discussed the possibility of working together and having one event in different locations.
Something throughout the year.
 Bro. Morgan discussed how they would be setting up locations as close to Royal Conseco Stadium as they can. They want to publicize a memorial bench and area to go to and apply for license to be in an area.
 Discussion of ways that go to other levels such as the local churches working PentecostSunday
 AFS leaders discussed that as a group we need to begin now to organize.

a. Example–Bro. Alonzo Terry, Bishop Norwood, and Bro. Wheatley in GA want to work  together.

b. The Chicago meetings done with the PCAF and PAW could be piggy backed on. Bro. Bernard suggested the various organizations begin contacting Bro. Morgan to get on board. Possible cities to work in:

Baltimore/Washington area
Los Angeles

 Publish the prayer strategy in all our official publications
Motion was made by Bro.
Bruce Leaman to officially join effort and apply CTN14 as an AFS project. Motion seconded by Apostle Floyd Nelson. All agreed.

 There needs to be an organized prayer rally point person.
 Bishop Jones noted that people need to be brought together soon to organize ONE look and ONE strategy. Packaging, marketing tool, etc...
 Bro. Morgan offered to allow the CTN14
websitebe used as the resource. Bro. Bernard offered to use UGST website and suggested that the AFS website be utilized 
 AFS leaders agreed to bring Bro. Morgan back to Friday morning meeting to further discuss CTN14 project
Bro. Morgan pointed out  the CTN14 director (point person)–needs to be a person of influencewithin your organization. This person works with influence to trickle down to the local level. CTN14 (Celebrate the Name) presentation Rev. Mark Morgan, 12 Ida Dr. South San Francisco, CA 94080

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015-22
Phone: 415-939-0274
Email: revmarkmorgan@me.com

9. “Maintaining Apostolic Integrity”--Bishop Jonathan Franklin presentation Bishop Franklin was asked to present to the AFS leadership on the subject of “Maintaining Apostolic Integrity” He began by givinga short biography of his heritage in the Apostolic movement. His grandfather and father were saved under G.T. Haywood’s ministry. He laid a foundation by giving definitions of each of the words Maintain–Apostolic–Integrity. Maintaining latin word“to hold in the hand”...keep a machine in good repair regularly....assert to be the case. 

Apostolic–adjective not a noun....we are the church of Jesus Christ...what kind of
church is this?? Most basic definition...relating to the apostles....relating to the Pope who
is successor to Peter...preach the msg of Peter...
What is Apostolic distinctiveness?–Oneness and standards of holiness Integrity–a noun...quality of being honest and upright. Intact and whole He challenged the group that “ We have
not held together as a movement.”

1. In order to maintain anything you must be in possession of it

2. We must look at the apostolic movement as a single entity Vision–baker cooking with ingredients...” you may think you are the main ingredient...but you still are an ingredient.” None of us separately can fulfill the goal....We need to blend ourselves. We have to check our alphabets at the door.

3. The Apostolic movement has from the beginning been split and divided over issues that should not have separated us. It is an indictment on us. We have let supercidary doctrine keep us from true fellowship.
The revelation of Acts 2:38 was a deal breaker. It was legitimate. But Ethnocentrism will cause you to split with others. He used the example of Peter/Paul–mixing with the gentiles. Paul had to take Peter to task over backing away from the Gentiles over criticisms. Unless the heart of God’s people come together than we will never really come together.

Examples of divisions in Apostolic ranks–Marriage/divorce                                                                                             Wine or grape juice                                                                                                                                                                 Dress codes
TV or not TV

We should still be able to fellowship with each other in spite of differences. He does not believe God has been pleased with us because of this.

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015
23 He further challenged the group that the public has been treated to the hostilities among us. As
apostolic people we need to reverse this.
We can sit around the table but there is still a lot of suspicion.
Bishop Franklin would like there to be an opportunity for Bishop Samuel Smith (AWCF) and Bro. Bernard to discuss this subject.

COMMENTS about presentation:
 Bro. McCool thanked Franklin for the Word. He used 9/11as an example to illustrate integrity further. It was the integrity of the steel that really made the buildings come down and not the planes.
 Bishop Norwood also thanked Bishop Franklin for the challenge.
 Bishop Martin del Campo brought up that in 1974–Apostolic representatives he was involved with were changed by meeting here in St. Louis. He said he did not know all the histories of organizations but thought
some inter-organizational preaching about unity in each other’s organizations General Conferences to promote unity might be helpful.
 Apostle Nelson brought up that historically we have had preachers come together. They had fellowship
with the COOLJC in 1996
 Bro. Bernard thought this presentation might be good as an article
Friday-Oct 19th

1. Bro. Kenneth Stewart presents on North American Missions and the changes in promoting North American churches.

2. Dr.BobbiMorehead came in for a brief presentation on UGST/UC and offered the schools as resources for any needs that the organizations might have. If you would like to have some Apostolic Teachers, you can contact Dr. Morehead (UC/UCGST) for more information.

Dr. Bobbi Morehead, Vice President
700 Howdershell Road
Florissant, MO 63031
Telephone: 314-838-8858
bmorehead@ugst.edu (email)

3. We are expanding as a group. We want to add to the AFS leaders meetings the following director tracks:
North American Missions
Global Missions
Finance (Director of finances)
Educational Leadership

4. CTN14 (2nd day discussion)

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015
24-It was discussed that Bro. Morgan work with each organization and that they appoint a prayer point person and a coordinator. UPCI Flo Shaw–Prayer–UPCI Mark Morgan–Coordinator–UPCIInternational Bible Way wants Bishop Showell to contact Bro.Morgan with their person Bishop Norwood wants to think about
who to appoint.

ACTION POINTS-representatives for key cities:
 Atlanta (Bro. Morgan to follow up with Bishop Norwood/ Alonzo Terry)
 Chicago (Bro. Morgan to follow up with Bishop Jones/Bishop Franklin with Chicago)
 Baltimore/DC (Apostle Nelson, UPCI (Staton, Reever)
 Los Angeles (Bro. Morgan to follow up with Bishop Martin del Campo)
 Houston (Bro. Morgan to follow up–Bro. Gurley & Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus)

Key to this is on the local level as well Website is for everyone’s use Bro. McCool would like to be sure
communication is done well. Whatever Bro. Johnston is writing for UPCI needs to be given to other organizations. (Jennie Russell to follow up with Bro. Johnston on this)
Possible prayer meetings in different region

October 2013