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Apostolic Fellowship Summit Minutes
Oct. 24-25, 2013

In attendance:

Mark McCool–First Assistant Superintendent, Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ 
Roger Gray–General Secretary, Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ
Matthew Norwood–Former Presiding Bishop, Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Theodore Brooks–2nd
Presiding Bishop, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
Daniel Sanchez–Former Presiding Bishop,
Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus
David K Bernard–General Superintendent, United Pentecostal Church Int.
Jerry Jones–General Secretary, United Pentecostal Church Int.
Bruce Leaman–Apostolic Fellowship Summit Coordinator
Jennie Russell–Apostolic Fellowship Summit Administrator

Unable to Attend:

Cornelius Showell, Presiding Bishop, Bible Way Church
Jonathan Franklin, Illinois District Bishop, Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith
(due to sickness)

I. Breakfast/ meet & greet
II. UGST/UC chapel–Q & A Leaders Panel discussion
III. Lunch with Urshan students
IV. Session #1Bro. Leaman opened the floor for discussion on the subject:

Strengthening the Apostolic Doctrine within our local Assemblies–Who are we and how do we do it?

 There is a need to have the right kinds of material for training from an infant on up. Examples of these materials-UPCI materials, Urban ministries materials
 Need for good youth directors–allow the youth to express themselves–be able to be outside the box without going outside the box
 Examples of training--A need for state wide monthly training
 Challenges–too much technology ...too much distraction.
 Our movement getting away from Sunday School
 Many are going to only one service on Sundays. Many going to 1 service (consensus in the room) Wheaton

College does a testing–Bible knowledge is a trajectory going downward. It’s everyone’s challenge ...not just ours. It’s broader and culturally.

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015
26-Purpose Institute (Endorsed by UPCI) It is the desire and goal of Purpose Institute to make this program
available to all organizations Speakers–F.J.Ellis (founder), Brian Michael (campus director) F.J. Ellis tells background on how Purpose Institute was created. He tells the story of how he was not allowed to go to
Bible school by his pastor. This became an irritant to him and he decided to take external studies from Indiana Bible College. Bro. Ellis became a student from home. He gives additional information on starting a home missions church and the birth of Purpose Institute from this. At this time:

15 districts of the UPCI have endorsed Purpose Institute 3300 are registered 800 teachers Brian Michael–Bro. Michael shares his story. He was a deputy for 10 years and then took a church in WI. He didn’t feel equipped
and then P.I. came to Wisconsin.
(see packet for presentation)

 They train the trainers
 All curriculum is created by Purpose Institute
 Local or Districts choose their own teachers and PI trains them PI is available to come and meet local, district or organizational level contacts for further information. If you have others in your groups who might be interested, please pass along information.  (please see business cards)

Presentation by J.L. Osborne (Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ) J.L. Osborne pastored in Indiana polis and is retired. Throughout history when a town was established they always built the church in a visible place.
It was always on the high ground. When towns were built in areas where there were no high grounds, generally these churches had steeples to visually give the people a landmark. Psalm 48:-13 Gal.–Hagar is symbolic in this (allegorical)–bond woman Ishmael–bond man Sarah–free woman

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015
27 Isaac–free men To understand the spiritual you must understand the natural. “Beautiful for situation” When you think of something being beautiful it is relative to its environment. It has nothing to
do with dimensions, height or weight. It’s how it’s placed.

Example–your nose–you did not fall in love with your spouse because of their nose. Why did He put it right above your mouth? God has placed it where it is for a reason. The nose has 10 million receptors and records it your brain for good. It can hold 10,000 smells. Every bite you eat comes by your nose. Every food passed by with a fork must be sanctioned. It’s beautiful not because of its look but because it functions best where it is.

Background-The natural place of Jerusalem has no sea ports, it is not a commercial hub. It’s only beauty because of its situation. Its’ elevated and above all others. God would meet his people here. To get to Jerusalem it caused some energy. It was a climb. It took energy. There was a cost to the climb. Ps 24:6 God picked the city. David questioned why pick this? Who would climb this hill? He answered his own question.
He founded it upon the seas and established it on the flood. Earth is an unstable platform. That is how God founded it. People won’t find a church but they always find a Cracker Barrel. If you will notice they always buy the land locked area. Everyone finds a Cracker Barrel. It’s a phenomenon. Because of the situation of Jerusalem, people may have wanted try and bring the location down so it would be easier to get to.

But that wouldn’t have worked. Some want to bring the church down....blend it in with the rest of the world...bring it down to level ground where it is more appealing...we shouldn’t suggest to people that they don’t need to climb or have to make an effort...we need to make it relevant to the world....but we cannot
make people religious without intruding into their carnal nature...they always want what’s more convenient.
Change its situation and you change its beauty. When you bring the church down from the mountain and
try to compete with Disney you will always find that it hard to compete....It must be kept on high can appeal to the flesh...but it will not appeal to the might stir the emotions...but it won’t change the heart....She should be known as a refuge....the younger generation may not endure the climb and may want to bring the church down to where they are. Who would ascend the hill? The church must remain on the hill...the tampering of it tampers its foundation. It must be kept high.

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015
28 Discussion time Canadian geese–migrate their flight patterns by sight A few lose desire to migrate to the destination if they get to a place where it is comfortable. (Weather is good and food is abundant) These geese
fly by landmarks. A flock will lose their way when the old ones die off and have not shown them the way.

An example is given of a flock that flies in “V”formation and keep landing back in the same spot. It is because they don’t know the landmarks to keep moving forward. They were not shown the path and don’t know where
home is and don’t know the new destination. (Indianapolis Midwest flocks that stay forever).
They want to go but don’t know where to go. It’s like this when we strand a generation. Where  are we supposed to be going? Do they know their destination? We don’t want to abandon because we stop leading.

The question–How do we put the church back to where it should be?
 We have to proclaim it–There are large percentage of people who want to do what’s right. We have to proclaim it.
 Choose our battles wisely (i.e. don’t like the music, don’t like the casual clothes, don’t like the presentation...we lose when we don’t battle the right things. If you make it a symbol and it’s not the right
thing....they choose to forgo those symbols because they don’t deem them important--” you are old”
....we have to decide what transcends our cultural symbols and what is important biblically. What is cultural? You have to discern what is cultural and tradition...and what is biblical.
 We need to be careful that we don’t ostracize because of our own traditions. Example–praise dancers
 This generation respects authenticity. Our generation respected authority.
 We face the same issues in our congregations as fathers and sons. We need to have balance. Abraham did what God said. Isaac did nothing but unplug his father’s well. Jacob had great vision but was conditional. How do we help this generation? Somewhere along the line our children have to have their own experience. They have to want to climb that mountain.
 We can lead ...but we also must lead by example.
 Knowing where to draw the lines is critical. Ex-Stone Mountain Park...stone is sticking
out of the ground and people climb....there is white line where ppl can’t get back
from....but the fence is farther in... why? PPl are too stupid and climb passed.
 You can tell them the truth but if you don’t help them see how they arrive at it they have a hard time.
Bishop Norwood asked for advice from the leaders in room–young man at a meeting discussed standards
to him. He said people don’t come any more because we have let down. Bishop Norwood is doing a work shop now. Want some help with this.
 Go to Biblical principles and give example...Some of out ward standards are like a flag. They represent our
values. You see a man visibly trample the flag it disturbs you.
 We should teach tolerance but be mindful of losing principles. Church of God took out their specifics in their statements...they lost something (from their organization)

AFS Meeting Notes 2006 to 2015
29-Friday, October 25, 2013

I. Welcome–Bro. Leaman
II. Stewardship Presentation–S. Drury***Contact sheet for his department for organizations to connect with him in packet. Gives review of services he provides to churches and organizations (see presentation for information on Stewardship) Shared examples and stories of investment successes.
III. Discussion time–Bro. Leaman proposes to raise fee to $1500 to help with costs of bringing other directors to these meetings. Does your organization fund directors to come?

 COOLJC can assist their directors
 UPCI directors are very invested and felt the meetings are profitable
 ALJC directors enjoyed the meetings
 PAW directors were involved last year
 Apostolic Assemblies–agrees that everyone should contribute $1500 Is this meeting profitable for the directors?-some groups have networked and shared ideas within (all nations Sunday, Urban ministries...)

IV. Bro Norris presentation–Teaching to a Post Modern World
Bro. Norris presents his BIG IDEAS DVD series
BIG IDEAS will be out

October 2014